Clubhouse Facilities


Visitors to the Club are most welcome to join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks in the Clubhouse before or after their round of golf. For reservations please contact [email protected] or speak to the Golf Shop when booking your tee time.

Dress Code

The Mid Ocean Club Dress Code is designed to promote a comfortable and tasteful environment for recreation, dining and socializing.
All Members, family and guests of Members, temporary members and visitors to the Club are expected to adhere to the Dress Code. Members are responsible for informing their family and guests of the applicable provisions of the Dress Code and ensuring their family and guests’ attire complies with the Dress Code. 

Management and staff have been directed to politely inform persons who are not in compliance with the Dress Code.  Those who are not in compliance may be asked to either move to a venue in the Club where their attire is acceptable or change their attire or leave the applicable Club premises. 

With regard to specific provisions of the Dress Code, Members and their family, guests, and visitors should err on the side of conservatism when in doubt.

Specific Dress for Club events and functions will be noted in separate communications to Members.


“Acceptable Denim” means:
For men and ladies, well-kept solid colored denim (including blue denim) attire that is not faded, torn, frayed, or patched. Blue denim apparel, including jeans, shorts, skirts are discouraged, but are acceptable, subject to restrictions in certain venues, if the blue denim is of a dark shade and well kept.
Denim jackets of any kind are not permitted.
“Acceptable Footwear” means:
For men, shoes and for ladies, shoes including smart looking open-toed sandals, all subject to limitations in certain venues at certain times;
Golf shoes may be worn in the Clubhouse, and Beach Pavilion, including the dining and bar venues before 7:00pm.
For both men and ladies, bare feet are not permitted anywhere inside the Clubhouse (except in the locker rooms) or in any of the Beach Pavilion dining areas (inside and outside), except the pool and beach areas.
“Golf Attire” means:
For men, Bermuda shorts or slacks, and collared shirts with sleeves. Shirttails must be tucked-in at all times. 
For ladies, skirts, smart shorts and skorts (no shorter than mid-thigh) or slacks, and golf tops/shirts (with or without sleeves).
Spikeless golf shoes of the style and variety, that are generally acceptable for play on private golf courses, are required for men and ladies.
Blue denim jeans or shorts are not acceptable attire for men or ladies on the golf course. Bathing suits or swimwear may not be worn on the golf course. Playing golf in open-toed sandals, flip-flops or bare feet is not permitted.
“Smart Casual” means:
For men, Bermuda length shorts, slacks and shirts with sleeves (collared in the evening) tucked-in, except for men’s shirts that are specifically designed not to be tucked-in.
For ladies, skirts, dresses, pants, tailored shorts with smart blouses or tailored tops.
“Tennis Attire” means:
For all players, conventional tennis clothing, with white as the predominant color and non-marking, soft sole athletic footwear.
“Unacceptable Dresswear” means and applies to all of the Club’s dining and bar venues, the golf course and the tennis courts:
For men and ladies, ripped or stained tee shirts, tank tops or sleeveless shirts for men, tube tops for ladies, cut-off or torn shorts or pants, cargo shorts or pants, workout clothing, sweatpants.
“Unacceptable Headwear” means:
For men and ladies (i) hats worn inside the Clubhouse and Beach Pavilion at all times, and the outside dining area of the Beach Pavilion after 7pm, with the exception of ladies’ dress hats which are permitted in all dining venues at all times, and (ii) billed hats or peaked caps worn backwards and applies to anywhere on Club property.


Eden Room

Before 7:00 pm:
For men and ladies: Smart Casual; Acceptable Denim; Acceptable Footwear.
After 7:00 pm:
For men: jackets/blazers and long sleeve dress shirts are strongly preferred with ties optional. Smart Casual is acceptable provided that short sleeve collared golf shirts and other sport style collared shirts must be worn with either a long sleeve sweater or jacket/blazer. Dress slacks or Bermuda length shorts with knee socks are required. Acceptable Footwear, with the exception that sneakers and open-toed sandals, including flip-flops, are not acceptable.
For ladies: Dresses, skirts, pants with smart blouses or similar tailored tops.  Acceptable Footwear.
For men and ladies: After 7:00pm, blue denim jeans and other blue denim clothing are not acceptable, and sneakers and golf shoes are not permitted.

Churchill Bar & Grill

Before 7:00 pm:
For men and ladies: Smart Casual; Golf Attire and Tennis Attire; Acceptable Denim and Acceptable Footwear.
After 7:00 pm: 
For men and ladies: Smart Casual; Acceptable Denim; Acceptable Footwear, with the exception that open-toed sandals or flip-flops are not permitted for men.
For men:  jackets/blazers are not required.

Beach Pavilion

Inside Dining before 7:00 pm:
For men and ladies: Smart Casual; Acceptable Denim and Acceptable Footwear. Bathing suits or swimwear may not be worn inside the Beach Pavilion.
Outside Dining before 7:00 pm
For men and ladies: Smart Casual preferred; Acceptable Denim and Acceptable Footwear, Bathing suits or swimwear may be worn, but men are required to wear shirts and ladies must wear cover-ups. 
Inside and Outside Dining after 7:00 pm:
For men and ladies: Smart Casual; Acceptable Denim; Acceptable Footwear.
For men: jackets/blazers are not required, but are welcomed.
Golf shoes and bathing suits or swimwear are not permitted (inside and outside) after 7:00pm.
Bare feet are not permitted in any of the Beach Pavilion dining venues (inside and outside) at anytime, except for the pool and beach areas.

Golf Course

For men and ladies: Golf Attire
Members and guests are asked to be mindful to clean their golf shoes before entering the Clubhouse and Beach Pavilion, or use the locker rooms for changing out of their golf shoes into Acceptable Footwear.

Tennis Courts

For men and ladies: Tennis Attire.